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Translational Software® empowers physicians to make better decisions using actionable genetic intelligence.



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Healthcare organizations use our decision support tools to stay at the leading edge of molecular medicine without developing new systems.



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Labs increase physician productivity by giving doctors accessible, actionable reports that help them guide care.



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Individuals, Not Averages

Understanding a patient’s unique genetic makeup can allow a clinician to select therapies with fewer side effects, optimize drug dosing, assess personal disease risk, and narrowly target cancers.

However, to realize the promise of precision medicine, providers face daunting challenges:

  • Genetic results are complex
  • Information infrastructure is young
  • Science and tools are advancing rapidly

Our Solutions

Translational Software®’s clinical decision support platform transforms genetic test results into actionable insight that empowers physicians to improve patient outcomes.

Today we provide actionable information for pharmacogenomics, carrier screening and wellness. Since 2013 more than 20 thousand clinicians have received over 1 million support recommendations.

Our expert knowledge curators and cloud-based technology enable labs and clinics to leverage the latest scientific advances without adding IT infrastructure and staff.

How We Translate

When a clinician orders a pharmacogenomic test from the lab of her choice, the lab runs the test and submits patient information and raw genetic data to Translational™ for reporting. Translational’s proprietary knowledge platform generates a tailored, clinically meaningful report. The lab reviews, approves and releases the report to the physician, who uses it to enhance patient treatment.

This process enables timely, cost-efficient delivery of results in a form accessible and useful to healthcare providers and patients.

Analysis of genetic test results and delivery from lab to clinic

Gold-Standard Reports

Actionable.  Reports highlight results critical for patient care, not ambiguous markers. [Examples]

Concise. Priority information is highlighted so you don’t have to hunt.

Decision-ready. Visual decision-making aids help you weight trade-offs.

Tailored. Reports are customized to the recipient based on their clinical context (e.g. cardiologist, psychiatrist, pain clinic, etc.)

Genetic test report for physician
Genomic Data, Informatics Processing and Prescription Decision

Technology Edge

Knowledge base.  Our experts keep pace with the flood of new discoveries so that your team can focus on patients, not evidence curation.

Not only do Translational™ experts compile the latest scientific consensus and implications for care, they help shape them, as members of international review boards for genetic evidence.

Knowledge platform. Our technology fills gaps in your infrastructure, enabling you to deliver molecular decision support without investing in new systems or disrupting data flows.

Larger labs communicate with our platform via HL7 messages and send results into electronic health records using LOINC coding. Small labs simply use our web-based portal to input test data and and receive reports.

Who We Serve


Drawing on genetic insight to enhance patient outcomes


Delivering actionable, concise results to physicians

Health Organizations

Filling gaps in infrastructure to deliver advanced, comprehensive care

How We Are Different

Independent. Translational provides reporting, not lab tests. Clinicians pick the most cost-effective labs for their tests… and the most savvy reporting for the results.

Accessible. We deliver expert knowledge in a concise form at affordable prices.

Integrated. We speak LOINC and HL7 to deliver the information you need in the context you need.

Multilingual. Reports can be delivered in the language of your choice.


Any Lab

Any Instrument

ThermoFisher, Luminex, Illumina, AutoGenomics, Agena Bioscience, Affymetrix, Fluidign, Roche Sequencing Instruments, MiSeq, Next Generation Sequencing, Next Gen Sequncing, NGS

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