Enabling Pharmacogenetics

What We Do

Translational Software® provides a cloud-based service that incorporates guidelines from pioneering efforts in pharmacogenetics and makes them available to molecular diagnostic laboratories. Our service transforms raw test results into actionable reports that clinicians can use to guide therapies toward the safest and most effective treatments. The service provides both a leading-edge knowledgebase of PGx guidance and tools that integrate it into the clinical workflow.

How We are Different

  • We are a Software company not a lab. We enable laboratories to offer the state of the art in pharmacogenetic testing with minimal investment
  • Our focused software development team provides expertise in the informatics necessary to bring pharmacogenetics to reality
  • With vendor-neutral support, we enable labs to use the best and most cost effective platform for the assays that they run
  • Software-as-a-Service pricing scales to provide an entry point for small labs and cost effectiveness at any size

Personalized Prescribing

Genetically guided therapy management is emerging as one of the earliest and most pervasive applications of personalized medicine. The confluence of new clinical evidence and lowered costs for genetic testing provide an opportunity to lower the cost of care, minimize adverse drug reactions, and reduce the time to arrive at effective therapies. Translational Software® is focused on learning the lessons of early implementers and providing a service to laboratories that makes their test results clinically relevant.
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