Translational Software® solutions transform genetic test results into concise, actionable reports for physicians.

Reduce Time to Market – Translational Software® provides a customizable packaged solution that enables your lab to generate revenue as soon as your infrastructure is validated

Increase Patient Engagement – Studies have shown that patient compliance is higher when patients understand that a medication is genetically appropriate

Lower Costs – Volume based pricing allows you to pay based upon usage rather the full cost of development

Stay up to Date – Translational Software® curators are constantly researching new evidence and keeping the knowledge-base relevant

Improve Flexibility – Translational Software®’s infrastructure can be tapped using simple interfacing or deep integration. This allows you to provide simple laboratory reporting or sophisticated PGx – enabled applications

Lowers Risk – Translational Software provides off-the-shelf solutions and years of experience that ensure that you can deliver value on time and on budget


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For Clinicians

Use Translational Software®’s gold-standard reports to review treatment implications at a glance and weigh trade-offs. Our reports include the source of the guidance (scientific body, FDA, etc), relative importance, strength of evidence, relevance of genes tested, and more.

Front Page

Concisely summarizes areas of concern based on the patient’s medication list and pharmacogenetic profile.

Dosing Guidelines

Review medications affected by a genetic result that are currently taken or might be considered.

Recommendation Table

Visualizes trade-offs between medications given the patient’s pharmacogenomic results and known drug-drug interactions.

How to read a Translational Software® Pharmacogenomic report

For Laboratories

Growth opportunities

  • Deliver evidence-based genomic intelligence
  • Minimize costs of IT infrastructure and knowledge delivery
  • Reduce time-to-market for new services
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Speed test turnaround time
  • Identify errors early
  • Reinforce lab brand identity
  • Innovate with new technologies, such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

How We Help

Panel Definition. Lean on our scientific experts to define testing panels relevant to your clinicians, or augment existing panels with interpretation.

Customized Reporting. Customize the content, layout and branding of knowledge reports. Integrate additional information sources, expanding your service offerings.

Streamlined Integration. Order, receive, and approve genetic intelligence without adding infrastructure or complicating data flows. Securely bring knowledge to clinicians, either through our web-based portal, or via their EMR. Satisfy regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, CLIA and CAP.

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For Health Organizations

Clinics, hospitals and health systems use our clinical decision support platform to gain:

Cost efficiency. Stay at the cutting edge of molecular medicine without dedicating resources to build and maintain new knowledge systems

In-house testing. Reduce the cost, risk and time delays of sending tests to external laboratories by broadening in-house offerings.

Right information, right time. Deliver concise molecular intelligence, critical alerts and organization-level testing policies alongside patient context without burdening clinical workflows.

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