Pharmacogenomics API

Translational Software’s application programming interface (API) and knowledge platform enable health systems, labs and independent software vendors to accelerate development of PGx-enhanced applications.

These apps can leverage PGx knowledge-as-a-service and existing test results to improve the prescription ordering process, alert clinicans to drug-gene interactions, and suggest medication alternatives.

To ease adoption and interoperability, the API is built on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) standard, a next-generation framework from HL7. It is RESTful and uses OAuth.

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Developer Partner Program

Translational’s partner program enables you to focus your development efforts on your deep understanding of clinical needs while we take care of the nuances of PGx.

We are proud to support many talent partners who are already integrating PGx into clinical workflows and bridging data silos.

Steps to get started

  1. Contact Us to discuss your goals and timelines.
  2. Sign an NDA and review the API documentation.
  3. Sign up for the Developer Partner Program, gain access to the shared Evaluation Sandbox and try out the APIs using demo data.
  4. Establish a private test area to develop against patient data owned by your organization. Appropriate BAAs and patient data authorizations must be place.

Example application scenarios

  • Alert a clinician considering a new medication to the advisability of genetic testing, aligning with institutional policies
  • Notify the clinician when new genetic test results suggest a change in medication
  • Screen new medications against the latest pharmacogenomic guidance for a patient’s genotype and medication list
  • Reuse genetic results across medical specialties by storing data in the Translational registry, overcoming the limits electronic medical record (EMR) systems and information exchange across medical practices
  • Integrate pharmacogenetic knowledge into EMR systems, pharmacy systems, patient monitoring tools, pharmacy benefit management (PBM), and more

Patient Data Protections

Patient protected health information (PHI) stored on Translational Software’s systems by a health organization is only accessible to entities granted access by the organization and covered under a BAA.  Translational Software enables HIPAA compliance for organizations using the Translational API.