Be a part of Lab 2.0 and precision medicine, become a PGx laboratory

Pharmacogenetics can prevent adverse drug reactions, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction. Adding this capability will enhance your labs value to clinicians. Using PGx, your lab will be able to pursue precision medicine programs in hospitals, long term care, and medication management programs. Translational Software has experience implementing over 100 labs in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa ensuring a seamless process to get you started. With multiple customizable products available your lab can quickly start providing PGx products. Your PGx Laboratory will also be able to integrate software tools such as:

  • MedsReview, a dynamic tool showing drug-gene and drug-drug interactions.
  • PGxPersonal, a screening tool to determine benefit of a PGx test for individual patients.
  • PGxPopulation, a screening tool segmenting populations by the level of benefit of PGxTesting.

These tools are available through the PGxAPI or Provider Portal. TSI will also assist you in other collaborations such as our recent work partnering with Vantari Genetics to support Banner Health. Download our poster on insight gained from reviewing 505,000 patients medication lists to see the impact of PGx. Read our Lab Leaders Guide listed with Dark Daily. Complete the contact form to schedule time to speak with our team about adding pharmacogenomics or other precision medicine programs for your lab. Opt-in to receive regular updates from Translational Software®.