Start Providing Pediatric Pharmacogenomics Prescribing Recommendations

There is a need to apply PGx, which has shown to be effective in adults, to a younger population. Previously evidence-based recommendations for genotype-guided prescribing in pediatric patients had not been well established. Research conducted in pediatric populations demonstrates that the practices developed in adults may not always be suitable for children. More importantly, the expression patterns of genes in drug response pathways evolve and change over the individual’s lifespan.

Currently, providers such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with the PG4KDS clinical trial provide unique methods for application of genetic data in precision medicine for young patients.

Developed and Funded in partnership with the Inova Genomics Laboratory, Translational Software is offering pediatric pharmacogenomics guidance for younger patients. The interpretations guide the clinician as drug response pathways change as children mature. As in many areas of medicine, pediatric clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics lags behind adult applications.

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