Wellness and Nutrigenomics

Personalized Wellness

Today’s most forward-looking health practitioners use genetic test results to personalize healthy lifestyle plans for individuals concerned about nutrition, exercise or metabolism. Translational Software® enables genetic testing labs to support such practitioners by providing reporting for four nutrigenomics and wellness test panels:

  • DNA Health
  • DNA Diet
  • DNA Sport
  • DNA Estrogen

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Practitioner-Focused Approach

This test suite enables labs to diversify beyond insurance-reimbursed, MD-focused offerings with reporting helpful to nutritionists, trainers and other health practitioners. The four tests can be offered individually, or combined into one offering, depending on the lab’s market focus. Web-based training empowers health practitioners to use the results successfully. Differentiators:

  • Wellness program, not just data: Coaching by trained practitioners translates to healthy choices
  • Regulator-friendly: Individuals purchase, but practitioners deliver results
  • Practitioner training: Affordable, on-demand and accessible to a range of specialties
  • Clear level of evidence: Each gene has at least 3 supporting references and is actionable

Reporting is provided in collaboration with DNALife, which curates nutrigenomic information.


DNA Health:  Designed to optimize well-being and health by personalizing lifestyle and diet choices, this report provides nutritional and lifestyle recommendations by assessing lipid metabolism, bone health, methylation, inflammation, detoxification and more.

DNA Diet: This report includes gene variations that impact weight management including metabolism, fat storage, and carbohydrate sensitivity. It identifies an individual’s ability to lose or gain weight easily, responsiveness to exercise, as well as variations linked to obesity.

DNA Sport: This report examines various biological areas that impact training responsiveness and sporting performance. Whether an individual is a recreational athlete or an elite performance athlete, the report provides information to optimize power and endurance, assess injury risk, and evaluate recovery.

DNA Estrogen: A report for both men and women, this report provides insight on how to improve estrogen metabolism for those that suffer from numerous estrogen-dominant conditions and who have higher lifetime exposure to estrogens, estrogen metabolites, and other carcinogens

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