By Joseph Goedert
Published March 22, 2018

Holston Medical Group, a large multi-specialty practice with 16 sites in Tennessee and Virginia, is working with precision medicine vendor 2bPrecise on bringing pharmacogenomics findings to the point of care.

Pharmacogenomics is the study of a patient’s genome to identify genetic factors that could predict how the patient will respond to a particular medication, such as an anti-depressant.

Holston is using the vendor’s platform to capture, store and analyze genomic data to enable physicians to test for genetic characteristics, particularly in the liver, to determine how quickly a patient breaks down chemicals and metabolizes the medicine.

If the patient has a fast metabolism, the medication may not be fully effective, says Steven Adkins, MD, a family physician and chief medical information officer at Holston Medical Group. Conversely, if the patient has a slow metabolism, a higher dose of medicine may be necessary.

Consequently, the practice is first focusing on behavioral health and chronic pain patients being prescribed an opioid because of the need to give the most precise and appropriate dose to avoid addiction.

The practice installed the 2bPrecise platform in September, in part because the vendor integrates easily with the Allscripts electronic health record system, and started testing patients in December. 2bPrecise also brought in decision support vendor Translational Software, which operates a database that continuously simplifies genetic information into evidence-based actionable recommendations.

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