It is exciting to see the growing awareness and adoption of precision medicine both within the medical community and the population at large.


Looking ahead, I see two areas for continued advancement in precision medicine, including the increased integration of precision medicine into the standard clinical workflow, and the continued rise of consumerism in genetic testing.


Healthcare organizations of all types, including health systems, academic medical centers, clinical laboratories, and IT vendors are implementing genomic testing and clinical decision support capabilities to advance precision medicine. The field of pharmacogenomics (PGx) will continue to expand with a focus on integrating genetic data into the existing clinical workflow, making it easily accessible and actionable for physicians to guide treatment decisions based on a patient’s genetic makeup at the point of care. We may soon see genetic testing become the routine standard of care in a number of areas, such as clopidogrel testing for all patients undergoing catheterizations; testing for certain classes of antidepressants; and pre-surgical screening for both warfarin and pain medications.


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