Translational Software’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Houda Hachad, will be a panelist alongside with Franziska Moeckel, Assistant Vice President, Personalized Health, Inova Center for Personalized Health and Stephen Saunders, Chief Architect and Corporate Ambassador, Global Health IT Practice, CGI at the Capital Health Tech Summit 2017, hosted by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC). Dr. John Deeken, Chief Operating Officer, Inova Translational Medicine Institute, will be moderating the panel discussion. Together, the panelists will discuss the Clinical Application of Pharmacogenomics including solutions and opportunities for pharmacogenomics for individualized therapies and patient-centric systems, as well as the technology advancements allowing for the transition from research to clinical application. The panel at will take place at 11 am, June 15th at Inova Center for Personalized Health.