Patient’s Genetic Profile Used for Real-Time, Continuous Population Health Management

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medtek21-logoBellevue, WA.,December 14, 2016Translational Software®, Inc. (TSI), a leader in the intelligent use of genetic data for clinical decision support, today announced the company has been selected by MedTek21™ to provide pharmacogenomics (PGx)-based monitoring for MedTek21’s population health and medication risk management platform. The partnership ensures the prescription of safer and more effective medications by identifying medication risks based on a patient’s unique genetic profile.

TSI’s PGx knowledge platform and Application Programming Interface (API) will enable PGx-based prescribing seamlessly within MedTek21’s population health and medication risk management platform to guide treatment decisions and support the continuous analysis of newly prescribed medications for real-time population health management. MedTek21 is currently being used to positively impact care quality and outcomes across patient populations in long term care and home health, and by self-insured corporations.

Don Rule, CEO of TSI, stated, “The integration of genomic information into population health management programs provides a more complete picture of the patient to help reduce medication risks and costs for healthcare organizations on an ongoing basis. By using PGx data, clinicians can prescribe the right medication with less trial-and-error to protect at-risk populations, prevent adverse events and provide the most cost-effective care possible.”

PGx testing is growing in adoption as clinicians seek to understand how an individual’s unique genomic markers predict drug response. It is estimated that preventable medication errors occur in nearly 4 million inpatient admissions each year. PGx testing is also important for identifying gene variations that cause adverse drug reactions, which cost the U.S. more than $136 billion per year, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The TSI MedTek21 partnership ensures the proper medication regimen is matched to every patient, improving quality of care and reducing fall risks, side effects and adverse events.

“Patient indications and medications are continuously changing, especially in chronic populations,” stated Steve Salvitti, CEO of MedTek21. “TSI’s robust PGx API dramatically improves the speed and efficiency at which we can connect clinicians, healthcare providers and payers to vital PGx information and real-time drug-gene analytics. This revolutionary PGx decision support capability is helping our healthcare partners proactively improve quality of care for the most at-risk patients.”

Working with MedTek21 continues TSI’s strategy to deliver PGx intelligence that enables healthcare providers to make the most effective treatment decisions at the point of care based on a patient’s genetic profile. Integrated seamlessly with leading electronic health record, e-prescribing, laboratory information and population health management systems, the company’s proprietary PGx platform and API provides clinical decision support in real-time to alert physicians to potential drug-gene interactions, adverse drug events and provide medication alternatives for personalized medicine.

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MedTek21 is a real-time population health and medication risk management platform that brings personalized drug-to-gene monitoring to every patient. MedTek21’s software-based platform works alongside existing medical record systems to continuously monitor and proactively identify patients for potential medication risks. Customizable alert engines, mobile-first workflows, API connectivity, and robust reporting enable better real-time decision making throughout the entire care delivery ecosystem.  MedTek21 is being used to positively impact outcomes for thousands of patients across home health, long term care, as well as for PBMs, ACOs, and private pay corporate insurers. For more information, visit

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Translational Software provides end-to-end solutions to support laboratories and healthcare providers adopting personalized medicine. Its powerful PGx portal transforms genomic and molecular data into actionable knowledge, integrating the best available clinical decision support with laboratory and clinical information systems to guide therapeutic options for medication management to enhance patient care.  For more information visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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